Why is gambling illegal in Japan?

Officially it is not considered gambling because Japanese laws consider pachinko as an exception to the criminal code on gambling for historical, monetary and cultural reasons. Most gambling is illegal in Japan, but there are exceptions. Betting on some sports such as horse racing and certain motorsports is allowed, and football pools known as “toto” and lottery are allowed by special laws. Japan's Strict Gambling Regulations and Laws Mean No Casino Has Been Allowed to Operate on Japanese Soil.

However, it seems that this is about to change. Officially speaking, gambling in Japan has been illegal since 1907, near the end of the Meiji era. During this time, of course, many “unofficial casinos” have appeared in Tokyo and outside the capital, largely managed or connected to the Yakuza, a notorious criminal organization in Japan. While walking into one of these casinos would rarely get you in trouble with the police, you won't have to watch your back less.

Recently, there have been ongoing discussions within the Japanese government regarding the legalization of sports betting in football and baseball. Most forms of gambling are banned in Japan. People who play on sites abroad while on Japanese soil are breaking criminal law, police say. A growing number of Japanese people are playing illegally online, attracted by social media campaigns and assurances from foreign websites that they can avoid arrest for their illicit gambling.

Only 41 percent of respondents said they knew online gambling was illegal in Japan, while 41 percent said it fell into a “gray area”, and 18 percent believed it was legal. The Criminal Code marks most forms of gambling as illegal, except betting on horse racing, playing the lottery or a local game called Pachinko and certain motorsports. It would be more accurate to call these casinos gambling houses, since they are much smaller and darker than the larger casinos in Macau. Before they can do so, Japan will have to lift the ban on gambling, which is currently illegal in most forms.

It is understood that this term is something of very low value that will not unduly stimulate a person's passion for the game. According to Kiso, betting on the Internet is still not as common as other forms of gambling in Japan, and the country does not have enough countermeasures against online gambling addiction. ii) It is unclear whether Japanese residents are allowed to use online casino services whose operators are located and licensed outside Japan, but it can be prosecuted as illegal gambling if the user's bets are placed within Japan. This type of betting is used in many countries of the world where standard forms of gambling are prohibited.

Asahi Shimbun and the Tokyo-based Japanese subsidiary of SimilarWeb, an Israeli digital analytics support company, conducted a study on how many people in Japan used online gambling sites abroad. The term “managing a place to play” is understood to mean providing, as a host, a certain place to bet that is under the control of the host. While there are no casinos in the Land of the Rising Sun, you might be surprised to learn that there are almost 20,000 gambling halls in the country. Gambling in Japan is strictly prohibited and regulated since Chapter 23 of the Penal Code, also known as Law No.

This isn't the easiest way to enjoy gambling in Japan, nor is it the most lucrative for most visitors to the country, but since you're likely familiar with the rules of the game, it can be a comfortable option. The crime of managing a place to play also requires managing a place to play and “making a profit” 10 and the term “making a profit” is understood to mean intending to obtain illegal financial benefits (in the form of fees, commissions or other) under consideration. .

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