Is gambling legal in Japan?

Most forms of gambling in Japan are generally prohibited by Chapter 23 of the Criminal Code; however, there are several exceptions, including betting on horse racing and certain motorsports. Most gambling is illegal in Japan, but there are exceptions. Betting on some sports such as horse racing and certain motorsports is allowed, and football pools known as “toto” and lottery are allowed by special laws. Japan's strict gambling regulations and laws mean that no casino has been allowed to operate on Japanese soil.

However, that seems to be about to change. While players are waiting for the opening of the new casinos, they can still enjoy sports betting in Japan. Gambling in Japan has been strictly prohibited and regulated since Chapter 23 of the Penal Code, also known as Law No. 45 of the Japanese Penal Code, explicitly prohibited organized gambling or the private sale of lottery tickets, with heavy fines in yen and imprisonment as a deterrent.

Before they can do so, Japan will have to lift the ban on gambling, which is currently illegal in most forms. For legal purposes, pachinko machines are technically considered “games”. Officially speaking, gambling in Japan has been illegal since 1907, near the end of the Meiji era. During this time, of course, many “unofficial casinos” have appeared in Tokyo and outside the capital, largely managed or connected to the Yakuza, a notorious criminal organization in Japan.

While entering one of these casinos would rarely get you in trouble with the police, you won't have to watch your back any less. This is because Japanese online gambling laws focus on Japanese companies rather than individual players. The subject of gambling in Japan is taboo or at least it has been since the beginning of the 20th century, when it was officially banned in Japan. Many of the horses that are bred in Japan stay in the country to compete in Japan's famous racing venues.

The Yakuza is involved in several illegal activities, including the usurpation of loans and the management of illegal gambling halls. Licenses are required to operate these forms of gambling activities, which under current legislation are only granted to local governments or government-related entities. Unlike the lottery in the United States and other areas, only 50% of the revenues earned by the lottery in Japan are returned to players. But which site should you join? In our opinion, the sites listed below are the best gambling sites in Japan.

Debts derived from illegal gambling are not enforceable because they violate public order and good morals, a general rule of the Civil Code. All races with legalized betting in Japan are organized in a strict manner and everyone involved is heavily engaged in the event that can occur several times a year and in specific locations. Japanese bettors can bet on races in Japan, as well as select horse races elsewhere. Popularized in literature, manga, anime and Hollywood, the Yakuza have always had a very real place in Japanese society.

Racing bets are limited to mutual bets, so other Japanese gambling laws do not apply.

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